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PTFE Medical Tubing

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Medical PTFE tubing

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Medical grade thin wall tubing

Mediacl grade PTFE TUBING pass FDA products resinare made from biocompatible resins which are ISO10993-18 Class approved Standard color: transparent .Microliter Analysis Medical Grade PTFE Teflon Rigid Tubing Teflon/PTFE tubing is usually used for high precision analysis device, which is mostly be used for RUNZE multi-port switching valves and syringe pumps

100% Teflon ptfe lined tubing ,ptfe tubing thin wall

PTFE Medical Tubing

Raw from most known as “DakiN” .Chemically inert, resistant to almost all chemicals,Good weather resistance, corrosion resistance, and ageing resistance Low surface friction coefficient, high bond resistance
Good electrical characteristics, esp. superior electrical insulation performance, Operating temperature:-65°C~260°C,

FEP Medical Tubing

Medical FEP  tube specialist

Medical FEP Tubing

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FEP medical tube more type and process

FEP medical tube

FEP is a thermoplastic, it is also easy to heat-form, tilt, taper, open and flang.produce FEPs in a variety of custom sizes and stock sizes, such as extruded tubes, heat shrink tubing, flat tubes, custom profiles and multi-lumen tubing

FEP Mediacl tubing

FEP tubing

FEP tubing has low gas and permeability and excellent UV transmission. However, the recovery temperature of heat shrinkage is lower than that of PTFE. The FEP tube is certified to the 81914 Mil Spec. FEP is also suitable for use in biomedical environments and can be gamma sterilized.

PFA Medical Tubing

PFA comes in high purity ,excellent lubricity, clarity, flexibility, and chemical resistance

Medical PFA tubing

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PFA excellent lubricity

excellent lubricity, clarity

PFA comes in high purity (HP) versions ,PFA has a higher service temperature than FEP and maintains its mechanical integrity in extreme temperatures even when exposed to caustic chemicals. PFA has a greater tensile strength than PTFE and a smoother surface finish than both PTFE and FEP.

PFA Application

PFA by custom order

PFA tubing lends itself well to critical fluid transport applications that demand a very low level of extractables. PFA can be extruded in convoluted tubing forms to provide a highly flexible conduit. PFA tubing supports applications ranging from laboratory plumbing, food processing, adhesive transfer systems; to fuel, paint, and hydraulic lines.

Heat Shrink PTFE FEP Tubing

used in many industries such as aerospace, oil and gas exploration, automotive, electronics, semiconductor, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, fiber optics, and medical

Heat Shrink PTFE FEP Tubing

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PVDF Medical tubing resistance to creep, fatigue, and cut through


PVDF, is a cost-competitive high performing polymer. PVDF’s inherent purity and extreme hardness make this material ideal for a variety of applications requiring exposure to extreme conditions. PVDF can be used over a wide temperature range from -58 °F (-50 °C) to 302 °F (150 °C) and shows excellent abrasion resistance and very low permeability.

Heat Shrink PTFE FEP Tubing Extruded Tubing Can be used continuously in high-temperature (260ºC) environments

Abrasion and Friction Resistance

Heat Shrink PTFE FEP Tubing  Made from a high-performance plastic Use on medical catheter tubing, tubing for protecting rack wires in semiconductor storage, tubing for protecting optical fibers, liquid chromatography (HPLC) tubing, refrigerant tubing