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    Aokeray Polymer Extrusion Medical Tubing leads in revolutionizing medical device manufacturing with high-performance PTFE, FEP, and PEBAX .

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    medical tubing extrusion

Medical Tubing Extrusion

  • Raw Material: PTFE, FEP, and PEBAX extrusions
  • Catheter Components:PTFE extrusions Ultra-thin-wall PTFE liner, surface-etched
  • Discover the magic of Heat Shrink fluoropolymer tubing
  • Application: Cardiology,Uurology, gastroenterology, vascular surgery, endoscopy, respiratory therapyList

Aokeray’s Medical Extrusion Tubing

Aokeray fluoropolymer leads in revolutionizing medical device manufacturing with high-performance medical tubing extrusions. Our products, including Ultra-thin-wall liners, heat shrink tubes, Tie layers, and jackets, meet strict medical standards and are vital in cardiology, urology, gastroenterology, vascular surgery, endoscopy, respiratory therapy, and orthopedics.


Aokeray offer a minium of 100pcs customized dimension suitable for initial engineering testing, bulk qty MOQ starts from 500pcs with competitive rate.


Providing customizable and personalized solutions is Aokeray’s trademark, we would be more than happy to tailor our fluoropolymer medical tubing to your business’ specific requirements.

Expedited Lead time

Thanks to our streamlined production processes and exceptional yield rate, lead time can be expedited down to 2 weeks without additional cost


From PTFE, FEP, and PEBAX extrusions to heat shrink tubes, tie layers, and jackets, we provide everything you need to build a catheter. Ease your supply chain by sending a simple inquiry to Aokeray


As a ISO 13485 certified company, all parts manufactured at Aokeray are biocompatibale, comply with USP Class vi and 21 CFR 177.1550, ROHS certified

Free Sample

We always keep a sufficient inventory to provide our clients with free samples up to 20 pcs for free to support your initial R&D process. Inventory warehouses in Canada and China ensures an expedited shipping time within 1 week.

Catheter Components

Aokeray is a key player in the catheter componentry industry, providing essential medical tubing extrusions for catheter construction. Our PTFE monofilament serves as mandrels, Ultra-thin-wall PTFE liners provide a smooth inner layer, etching enables bonding and tie layers prevent delamination. PEBAX jacket offers support, and FEP heat shrink tubing complete the final assembling. These solutions are vital for liners, guide wires, or introducer sheaths, ensuring the success and quality of catheter devices.

medical tubing extrusion

PTFE Tubing

PTFE Tubing medical grade portfolio encompasses a wide range of standardized and customized products

ultra thin wall ptfe


wall thicknesses ranging from 0.001” to 0.005” (0.0254 mm to 0.127 mm)

pebax 5533 sp01 and pebax 7233 sa01 med

Pebax tubing Medical Grade

PEBAX 7233 PEBAX5533 AOKRAY custom pebax sa01 sp01 med 2533/3533 etcs

etching ptfe liner

Etched PTFE Tubing

Etched PTFE tubing wire for your need .

ptfe zebra heat shrink tubing aokeray


Custom your color size on

ptfe peelable sheath

PTFE Peelable Sheath

PTFE Peelable Sheath liner custom size color

taper flange ptfe tubing

Pipe Flanging – Flaring of PTFE FEP

Discuss your need to custom

electric Ptfe tubing Fluoropolymers

Tie Layer

Tie Layer custom your need.

Discover The magic Of Heat Shrink

Our fluoropolymer extruded tubing, in particular, is highly sought after for its versatility and reliability in medical applications. Whether it’s for catheters, endoscopes, or other medical devices, our fluoropolymer tubing solutions offer unmatched durability, chemical resistance, and thermal stability, making them ideal for critical healthcare settings.

fep heat shrink tubing

FEP Heat Shrink Tubing

FEP Hear shrink 1.3: 1;1.6:1;1.7:1;2:!

ptfe heat shrink

PTFE Heat Shrink Tubing

PTFE Heat Shrink 2:1 ;4:! ,

pebax extruder 2

PEBAX Heat Shrink Tubing

Pebax Heat Shrink custom colr size

electric Ptfe tubing Fluoropolymers

Industry PTFE FEP Heat Shrink Tubing

Fast Custom indust PTFE tubing
Fast Custom indust FEP heat shrink tubing

Aokeray- Your Ultimate Medical Tubing Extrusion Solution

Aokeray Group stands as a foremost global extruder specializing in fluoropolymer tubing solutions tailored for the medical device and specialty industrial sectors. Established in 2008, Aokeray is a Finnish enterprise with a global presence through sales offices in Canada and manufacturing facility in China.

Aokeray Extruded Medical Tubing Used

Aokeray Extruded Medical Tubing Application as cardiology, urology, gastroenterology, vascular surgery, endoscopy, respiratory therapy, and orthopedics…

Aokeray Polymer is at the forefront of revolutionizing the medical device manufacturing industry with our comprehensive range of high-performance products. As a renowned manufacturer specializing in PTFE, FEP, and PEBAX extrusions, we offer an array of essential components that play a pivotal role in medical tubing applications. Our dedication to quality and innovation is reflected in every product we create, including PTFE Ultra-thin-wall liners, PTFE heat shrink tubes, Tie layers, FEP heat shrink tubes, and PEBAX jackets. These products are meticulously designed and manufactured to meet the stringent requirements of the medical sector, ensuring safety, reliability, and performance excellence.

Aokeray Polymer’s products find wide-ranging applications across various medical areas and departments due to their versatility, reliability, and high-performance characteristics. Our PTFE, FEP, and PEBAX extrusions are utilized in catheter manufacturing, making them essential components in cardiology, urology, gastroenterology, and vascular surgery departments. Additionally, our fluoropolymer heat shrink tubing and flexible plastic tubing are extensively used in endoscopy procedures, respiratory therapy equipment, and diagnostic devices across pulmonary, gastroenterology, and otolaryngology departments. Moreover, our products play a crucial role in orthopedic surgeries, particularly in guide wire applications and introducer sheaths used in orthopedic implants and procedures. Overall, Aokeray Polymer’s products are widely embraced across various medical specialties, contributing to advancements in medical technology and patient care across healthcare institutions.

As leading medical tubing manufacturers, Aokeray understand the importance of flexibility and customization in meeting specific industry needs. Our flexible plastic tubing options provide the flexibility and adaptability required for a wide range of medical applications. From intricate surgical instruments to advanced diagnostic equipment, our flexible tubing solutions deliver optimal performance while maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety.

Aokeray ‘s Medical tubing made from fluoropolymers like PTFE has gained widespread acceptance in the industry due to its unique properties and benefits. Fluoropolymer tubing is known for its non-stick surface, biocompatibility, and resistance to chemicals and high temperatures, making it a preferred choice for medical professionals and device manufacturers alike. Whether it’s for fluid transfer, insulation, or protection, our fluoropolymer tubing meets the diverse demands of medical applications with precision and reliability

At Aokeray Polymer, we not only provide top-notch products but also offer comprehensive support and expertise to our customers. We understand the complexities of medical device manufacturing and are committed to delivering tailored solutions that exceed expectations. If you’re looking for reliable medical tubing manufacturers or wondering where to buy medical tubing of exceptional quality, look no further than Aokeray Polymer. Contact us today to explore our range of medical fluoropolymer PTFE products and discover how we can elevate your medical device manufacturing processes.