PTFE Medical Tubing liner

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Medical PTFE tubing liner

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Medical grade thin wall tubing

Thin wall tubing Mediacl grade PTFE TUBING liner pass FDA products resinare made from biocompatible resins which are ISO10993-18 Class approved Standard color: transparent .Microliter Analysismedical grade heat shrink tubing Teflon/PTFE tubing liner is usually used for high precision analysis device, which is mostly be used for RUNZE multi-port switching valves and syringe pumps

100% Teflon ptfe lined tubing ,ptfe tubing thin wall

PTFE Medical Tubing liner

Raw from most known as “DakiN” .Chemically inert, resistant to almost all chemicals,Good weather resistance, corrosion resistance, and ageing resistance Low surface friction coefficient, high bond resistance
Good electrical characteristics, esp. superior electrical insulation performance, Operating temperature:-65°C~260°C,


FEP heat Shrink Tubing Medical

Medical FEP heat shrink tube ,fep extruder and fep polymer specialist

Medical FEP heat Shrink Tubing
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FEP heat shrink medical tubing more type and process

FEP heat shrink medical tubing

FEP is a thermoplastic, it is also easy to heat-form, tilt, taper, open and flang.produce FEPs in a variety of custom sizes and stock sizes, such as extruded tubes, heat shrink tubing, flat tubes, custom profiles and multi-lumen tubing

FEP shrink medical tubing

FEP shrink medical tubing

FEPheat shrink tubing medical has low gas and permeability and excellent UV transmission. FEP is also suitable for use in biomedical environments and can be gamma sterilized. The FEP heat shrink tube is certified to the 81914 Mil Spec.

PEBAX Medical Tubing

Pebax tubing is an engineered high performance polyether block amide that allows medical device designers to push the boundaries on strength and flexibility.Custom pebax 5533 sp01 ,pebax 7233 sa01 med,medical pebax tubing etcs.

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Medical PEBAX tubing

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Pebax tubing excellent lubricity

excellent lubricity, clarity

Pebax has excellent processability due to consistent melt flow, a narrow processing temperature range across a wide modulus spectrum, and uniform molecular weight distribution (minimal gels), all of which contribute to the ability

Pebax tubing Application

Pebax tubing custom

allows medical device designers to push the boundaries on strength and flexibility。
Pebax Tubing has excellent processability due to consistent melt flow.extruded in thin wall sections down to OD .007″TO OD0.8″ , ID 0.003″ TO ID0.8″ .

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Etched Tubing PTFE Medical

Etched PTFE liner alter the surface properties of the polymer allowing it to be bonded to other materials as custom etching PTFE tubing medical.

Etched PTFE Liner Medical device

PTFE thin-wall etched tubing wall 0.00098″ Custom

Will Etched tubing Change the Properties of My Tubing?

Etched tubing PTFE Medical

The etching process penetrates only to a depth of a few angstroms (10-10 meters), thus the properties of the tubing remain mostly unaffected. However, the etching process will darken the surface of the material, usually to a brown or tan tint. Surface lubricity is also reduced by the etching process.

Custom etch work is a train of chemical etching.

Etched ptfe Work?

Etched PTFE reaction in solution removes the fluorine molecules, leaving the carbon atoms behind. When the etched surface is exposed to air allowing the electrons to be recovered. and produces a group of organic molecules that allow adhesion.ptfe etching process and solution by Aokeray

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Peelable PTFE Specs

ID starting from 0.02” (0.50mm)

Wall thickness range from 0.008(0.2mm) to 0.13”(0.35mm)

Tapered PTFE

Tapered PTFE Flaring& Flange

To facilitate the attachment of tubing to fittings or to allow the insertion of objects inside the tubes, Aokeray has developed special flaring and flange systems and tools to meet customers’ needs

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