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FEP Tubing Aokeray Manufacturer

An the best FEP tubing suppliers in China, presents to you High versatility heat shrink protective tubing made of Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene Copolymer (FEP ). The material has high temperature resistance and is non-corroding, non-abrasive and has a low coefficient of friction, producing large radial shrink force when heated, which forms a nice shrink around wires, cables or any other elements requiring insulation, moisture-proof as well as protection against corrosion and mechanical stress. As a result of its excellent chemical resistance, electrical insulation and low temperature toughness, the application fields of FEP tubing are especially application such as Aerospace, petrochemical, nuclear industry, electrical and electronic automotive manufacturing and so on, so as the most important application and basic inert materials in the industry.

Aokeray FEP Tubing Manufacturer’s FEP Heat Shrink sleeve Benefits in high temperature environment?

Temperature resistance: Long-term work of -80 ℃ to +200 ℃, short term and burst pressure can reach 270 ℃.

Superior chemical stability: It is almost impervious to all chemicals, such as strong acids, strong alkalis, organic solvents, and have excellent resistance.

Outstanding electrical properties: With low dielectric constant and loss factor, it is an outstanding electrical insulating material.

Good physical properties of low friction, non-toxic, non-adherence, high transparency.

Temperature tolerance: The heat shrink tubing product is an industrial grade FEP tubing, which offers the same durability between -70 degrees Celsius to 200 degrees Celsius.

AOKERAY manufacturer industrial grade FEP Tubing sizes

Maximum ID (Before Recovery): 0.5mm -50mm

Wall Thickness: Typically 0.2 mm to 0.5 mm.

Length usually 1 meter (other lengths on request).

Shrinkage Ratio: 0 1.2:1 ; 1.6:1;2:1; 3/4(depend on the specification)

fep heat shrink tube size