What are Fluoroplastics?

Fluoroplastics are an important category of plastics, which are alkane polymers with some or all of the hydrogen replaced by fluorine. People usually recognize fluoroplastics from contact with the king of plastics – polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). In fact, PTFE is only the largest production and use of fluorine plastic varieties, in addition, commonly used fluorine plastics […]

Medical-Grade PTFE Tubing Buying Guide Key Points to Keep in Mind to Maintain Quality and Performance

The choice of good medical-grade PTFE tubing is very important in the manufacturing of medical devices, which helps to keep the quality and performance of the tubing consistent. The following are tips in optimizing details about buying medical-grade PTFE tubing : Material quality and purity: Medical grade PTFE tubing needs to be of high quality […]

What is FEP Tubing Benefit ?

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What are the properties of medical PEBAX heat shrink tubing?

The high elasticity, high wear resistance, biocompatibility, and radiation sterilization of medical PEBAX heat shrink tubing. Main features: Small (inner diameter before heat shrinkage: 0.36mm), thin (wall thickness after heat shrinkage: 0.05mm) The heat shrink ratio is 2:1 or 4:1, with a wide coverage range. High elasticity, high tear strength, and high wear resistance Biocompatible, […]