Pebax tubing ,Extrusion pebax medical tubes

pebax 5533 sp01 and pebax 7233 sa01 med

pebax tubing

Pebax tubing (Get PEBAX.pdf )is an engineered high performance polyether block amide that allows medical device designers to push the boundaries on strength and flexibility。
pebax material has excellent processability due to consistent melt flow, a narrow processing temperature range across a wide modulus spectrum, and uniform molecular weight distribution (minimal gels), all of which contribute to the ability of pebax foam resin to be extruded in thin wall sections down Pebax tubing medical ,PEBAX 7233 PEBAX5533 AOKRAY custom pebax sa01 sp01 2533/3533/4033/4533/5533/6333/7233 medical grade with Barium .Pebax tubing medical size as ID0.01″-0.472″ ,Wall 0.0019″-0.118″

Medical Pebax tubing Custom extrusion of tubes can be realized according to customer requirements to meet your individual production.

Ø Single lumen tubes
Ø Multi-lumen tubes
Ø Micro-perforated tubes
Ø Thin-walled tubes
Ø Profiled tubes
Ø Braided tubes
Ø Graduated tubes
Ø Co-extruded tubes
Ø Parallel tubes
Ø Developer tubes
Ø Reinforced reinforced tubes

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Contrast PEBAX catheter is a necessary instrument for vascular interventions, it is a long polymer catheter used for movement to the diseased organ (site) via arteries and veins to produce a contrast effect, showing the scope, site and extent of the lesion, and secondly, it can be used as a channel for therapeutic drugs and interventional instruments to enter the blood vessels.

Aokeray custom PEBAX 7033SA01 MED ;PEBAX 5533 SA01 MED ;PEBAX 4033 SAO1 MED;PEBAX 3533SA01 MED or
sothane 5080A or Pellethane2363-80AE ,Shore Hardness : custom ;Radiopaque Additive: custom Bas04

PEBAX materials are block copolymers prepared from polyether and polyamide blocks. the efficiency of the tetrahydric salt catalyst family discovered by Deleens enabled the production of ultra-high molecular weight materials, which were marketed under the Pebax trademark in 1981. Their* performance is attributed to their* phase separation structure. There is a hard phase, consisting mainly of polyamide blocks, and a soft phase, consisting mainly of polyether blocks.
Product properties:
Due to the chemical structure of pebax, PEBAX materials offer a compromise of properties found in thermoplastic elastomers, including.
◆ Lightweight engineering thermoplastic elastomer.

◆ Good and stable performance at low temperatures.

◆ No loss of mechanical properties under repetitive deformation and fatigue resistance.

◆ Good springback and elastic recovery.

◆ Precise dimensional stability; and excellent processability.