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For Creating Custom medical tubing PTFE FEP Pebax “At AOKERAY, we care about the QUALITY , and most importantly, we care about safe experience. That’s why our medical tubing are designed with styles, quality & function.


With a rich stock of tube components & manufacturing facilities like injection molding machines, we can react to your custom medical tubing quicker than others.


Our tube makers boast more than 10 years of experience in crafting PTFE tubing. Their expert skills mean that you can get top quality medical tubing without sacrificing time


Engaging in the industry for a decade, our medical tube experts have accumulated rich knowledge & expertise in PTFE material design, manufacturing, and even different market preferences

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Aokeray is a well-established PTFE FEP ETCHED PEBAX tubing liner manufacturer in China. We specialize in designing & crafting cosmetic medical /electric tubes of all purposes.

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Medical grade tubing PTFE FEP heat shrink Etched Pebax liner Aokeray self-developed fully automatic production line, aseptic dust-free equipment, FDA products resinare made from biocompatible resins which are ISO10993-18 Class Approved.100K Class Cleanroom Report.


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