flanging of flaring ptfe fep process

Pipe Flanging & Flaring of PTFE FEP

Aokeray’s valued added service of special Flares or Flanges form PTFE extrusion

Aokeray offers efficient and free sample ordering to speed up your prototyping process. Our expertise in forming flares or flanges onto PTFE extrusions we manufacture ensures top-quality performance and quick turnaround times.

Your Flaring and Flanging Tubing

Customers often require modifications to their tubing to meet specific needs. Flaring enhances accessibility to the tubing’s interior, facilitating the insertion of tools, fluids, wires, optical fibers, and other instruments from our ptfe tubing flaring tool


We can create flares on our tubing to provide easier pathways for inserting medical stents, wires, optical fibers, and other instruments into the tubing’s interior.

flanging tube ptfe
taper flange ptfe tubing


This modification simplifies the attachment of tubing to fittings and offers a mechanical stop at the tubing end.

Aokeray- Your Flaring and Flanging Tubing . Solution

Aokeray has developed unique capabilities for flaring and flanging tubing through continuous investment in research, development, and engineering. Our automated flaring lines and special tooling ensure unparalleled capabilities in these areas.

Customers choose Aokeray for value-add operations due to our experience, equipment, and capacity. We have also developed a wide range of PTFE FEP pipe flanging tool for your parts for producing common flare angles and sizes, reducing lead times and costs for our customers.

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