●Best surface lubricity
●Operating Temp. -328℉~+500℉
●Excellent dielectric insulation performance
●Excellent chemical resistance
●Excellent non-stick
●Excellent weatherability flame resistance

●ST type:standard tubing,usually milky
●TL type:good toughness, usually translucent
●TP type:good toughness and rigidity, usually transparent

●ID:0.0157″to 0.196″ wall :0.00118″+0.0005“
.ID:0.196″ TO 0.275″ wall :0.00196″+-0.005″ and above
.ID:0.275″ TO 0.393″ WALL 0.00275″+-0.00078″

used for stable non-toxic materials, pharmaceutical and industrial purposes, most chemical solvents in a wide range of temperature unit tolerance; Grinding environment installation .

the quality is lights translucent^ Don’t bum, pure, low friction, a very wide range of operating temperature rangei There is not paste. With most of the chemicals is very stable .

200C to + 280C ,-328C to + 536 CF)
Disinfection: dry; Ng a ray; High pressure sterilization; Ethylene oxide Hardness: 64 shore D + / – 6 Extend the breaking point: 200% soo%
Authentication: the FDA

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