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PTFE Tubing Medical Grade Aokeray

Aokeray extensive PTFE Tubing medical grade portfolio encompasses a wide range of standardized and customized products, including Medical grade heat shrink tubing, peelable tubing, monofilament and special form. Renowned for its exceptionally low coefficient of friction and wide temperature tolerance, PTFE thrives in both extreme cold and hot conditions.

Aokeray’s practice with medical grade PTFE Tubing material:

PTFE, discovered by DuPont in 1938 and commercialized in the mid-1940s, has become a cornerstone in various industries. Aokeray initiated the development of PTFE for manufacturing processes in 2008 and has since then developed as the China leading manufacturer of medical tubing extrusions

Recognized as the industry standard, PTFE tubing medical grade offers superior lubricity, biocompatibility, and precision tolerances. Our offerings include Ultra-thin-wall™ tubing, special profiles, multi-lumen tubing, heat shrink tubing, Ultra-thin-wall™ heat shrink etched tubing and peelable PTFE tubing.

Customizable features such as flares, flanges and drilled holes or a combination thereof, provide optimized tubing solutions tailored to specific needs. With our expertise and comprehensive product range, Aokeray strives to be at the forefront of medical tubing extrusion technology.

Medical Tubing Extrusion

PTFE’s wide working temperature range, chemical resistance, and mechanical durability have made it indispensable in various industries including automotive, aerospace, medical, chemical, and general industrial sectors. With consistent mechanical properties across its temperature range, PTFE tubing is a versatile solution.

We specialize in extruding this thermoplastic material and offer PTFE tubing in various configurations to cater to diverse industry needs

medical tubing extrusion