etched ptfe liner

PTFE Etched Liner

Aokeray’s PTFE etched liner is a breakthrough solution in catheter building, offering exceptional performance and reliability. Our advanced Etching PTFE technology ensures an outstanding contact angle, optimizing lamination within catheters while allow for low friction in the inner layer of catheters and minimally invasive devices. This feature is critical for maintaining consistent performance during crucial medical procedures.

Why Aokeray?

What sets Aokeray’s Etched PTFE liner apart is its thin-wall design, engineered to maintain strength while enhancing flexibility and maneuverability during catheter insertion and navigation. Additionally, our Etching PTFE liner boasts strong peel away strength, ensuring secure placement when needed, contributing to the efficiency and convenience of catheter procedures. Trust Aokeray for innovative solutions that elevate catheter technology and enhance patient outcomes.

Note on etched PTFE tubing pearance.

Can be Etched OD PTFE Liners on one side (EOS) (standard) or both sides (E2S).

PTFE Etching Process

When PTFE needs to be bonded to another surface, such as PEBAX jacket for catheter, etching process will be used to create a lamination of the liner surface for a quick and easy bonding. Etching uses a mixture of Sodium naphthalene that is formulated to produce a bondable surface quickly and efficiently. Sodium naphthalene etching services meet all applicable commercial, military and federal specifications for surface treatments of all fluoropolymers including: PTFE, PFA, FEP, ETFE, PCTFE, PVDF, PVF and ECTFE. The process can be accomplished on one or more surfaces or selectively within close tolerances.

etching ptfe liner