Peelable PTFE tubing sheaths

Aokeray make polytetrafluoroethylene PTFE peelable tubing sheaths suited for use as cannulas and other medical introducer devices.The PTFE peelable tubing sheath facilitates easy and non-invasive removal of the sheath after insertion of the assistive medical device.

PTFE peelable tubing sheaths Thin-walled, Having some degree of flexibility .Aokeray PTFE peelable tubing Custom size ID0.039″ TO ID0.314″ (1mm to 8mm)wall 0.0078″ to 0.0016″Tolerance +- .0.0004″,Color custom .

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The PTFE peelable tubing sheath is partly characterized by being easily split along its length (longitudinal) without the use of any type of mechanical scraping, scoring lines, etc.

PTFE Peelable liner

material properties :

Peelable line PTFE &FEP different as: