ptfe peelable sheath

PTFE Peelable Sheath

Easy access, visibility, smooth removal

Aokeray’s medical PTFE peelable sheath with Radiopaque is a cutting-edge solution designed to enhance medical procedures with its unique properties and applications. Made from high-quality PTFE material, this peelable sheath combines excellent biocompatibility, chemical resistance, and radiopacity, making it ideal for a wide range of medical applications.

Aokeray’s medical PTFE peelable sheath with Radiopaque is a reliable and innovative solution that enhances medical procedures by offering exceptional visibility, ease of use, and compatibility with a wide range of medical devices.

Aokeray’s PTFE Peelable Sheath:

The PTFE material used in the peelable sheath is known for its non-stick surface, allowing for easy removal after use without leaving any residue or damaging the underlying surface. This feature is particularly advantageous in minimally invasive procedures where precision and cleanliness are paramount.

One of the key advantages of Aokeray’s peelable sheath is its radiopaque nature, which enables clear visibility under imaging techniques such as X-rays or fluoroscopy. This radiopacity is crucial in guiding medical devices and ensuring accurate placement during procedures, leading to improved outcomes and reduced risks.

  • Interventional Cardiology:

    In cardiology, the PTFE peelable sheath with radiopaque features is used during catheterization procedures. It allows for smooth insertion and removal of catheters while providing clear visibility under X-ray or fluoroscopy, aiding in precise navigation and positioning of catheters within blood vessels.

  • Radiology:

    In radiology procedures, the radiopaque nature of the sheath enables clear visualization under imaging techniques such as X-rays or fluoroscopy. This is particularly beneficial during interventions where devices like guide wires, catheters, or stents need to be accurately placed within the body.

  • Urology:

    The peelable sheath is also utilized in urological procedures, especially during urinary catheterization. Its radiopaque properties assist in guiding and positioning urinary catheters accurately, reducing the risk of complications and ensuring effective drainage.

  • Gastroenterology:

    In gastroenterology, the PTFE peelable sheath with radiopaque characteristics is valuable during endoscopic procedures. It facilitates smooth insertion and removal of endoscopes or other devices while providing enhanced visibility under imaging, aiding gastroenterologists in diagnosing and treating gastrointestinal conditions with precision.

  • Minimally Invasive Surgery:

    The sheath is commonly used in various minimally invasive surgical procedures across different medical specialties. Its peelable design allows for easy removal without leaving residue or causing damage to tissues, making it suitable for delicate surgeries requiring precision and cleanliness.

PTFE Peelable liner

material properties :

Peelable line PTFE &FEP different as:

Aokeray make polytetrafluoroethylene PTFE peelable tubing sheaths suited for use as cannulas and other medical introducer devices.The PTFE peelable tubing sheath facilitates easy and non-invasive removal of the sheath after insertion of the assistive medical device.

PTFE peelable tubing sheaths Thin-walled, Having some degree of flexibility .Aokeray PTFE peelable tubing Custom size ID0.039″ TO ID0.314″ (1mm to 8mm)wall 0.0078″ to 0.0016″Tolerance +- .0.0004″,Color custom .

More PEEABLE show on PEEABLE liner.PDF
The PTFE peelable tubing sheath is partly characterized by being easily split along its length (longitudinal) without the use of any type of mechanical scraping, scoring lines, etc.

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