ptfe FEP peelable sheath

What features of PTFE peelable tubing sheaths and peelable heat shrink tubing FEP?

Ptfe peelable tubing sheath: High temperature 300°C. Continuous use temperature 260°C. Continuous use temperature 260°C. P Very low coefficient of friction and good abrasion resistance and excellent chemical stability.

Ptfe peelable sheathing Characteristics
. No special techniques are required for removal, which can significantly reduce the working time.
No need to use a razor during removal, which does not damage molded products such as catheters, contributing to a higher yield.
.Aokeray PTFE peelable tubing Custom size ID0.039″ TO ID0.314″ (1mm to 8mm)wall 0.0078″ to 0.0016″Tolerance +- .0.0004″,Color custom, custom-made Sheaths more suitable for medical treatment

FEP peelable HS sheath Characteristics : Heat shrink performance for composite guide wire. Maximum use temperature at 240℃. Continuous use temperature is 200℃. With higher continuous use temperature and stronger hardness, especially suitable for use in the field of anti-adhesive and chemical resistance use under high temperature conditions
peelable heat shrink tubing FEP
●Excellent tearability and can be easily removed after shrinkage processing.
No special technique is required for removal, and work time can be greatly reduced.
●No razor is required for removal, and it does not damage molded products such as catheters, contributing to improved yield.
We offer a wide range of products, including the very fine series for microtube molding, the large-diameter series, the high-shrink series for improved shrinkage, and the transparent series for improved internal visibility.
We have a wide range of products. Applications

  • Catheter lamination
  • Balloon adhesion
  • Tube bonding
  • Tube forming