etch ptfe liner test pack

Medical Etched PTFE Liner Test Packag Storage

Medical etched PTFE liner tubing have a special production process and ultra-thin wall thickness. In the test, Aokeray uses a full inspection method and then performs a cleanroom sterilization and purge gas flow penetration test on each tube. The gas test for each tube body takes at least 30 seconds to ensure that each thin-walled tube body is not penetrated by the etching process and excluded from the problem of being unrecognizable to the naked eye.

Medical etched ptfe liner tubing, also have special requirements in terms of packaging. Etched tubes used in liquid form, extremely sensitive to light, after testing, first encapsulated in a sterile bag, and then placed in a black dust-free bag, and to ensure that thin-walled tubes can not be deformed by mutual accumulation of wrinkles, and both ends sealed with a label to complete.

Medical etched PTFE liner tubing can be stored at room temperature for 180 days without strong light exposure, and the best time to use medical etched PTFE liner tubingis within 90 days after delivery.