TPU flexible tubing

Polyurethane TPU flexible tubing Features

Thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer Polyurethane TPU flexible tubing (TPU) hose between rubber and plastic, has many excellent characteristics.

1, excellent wear resistance: its Taber abrasion value of 0.35-0.5mg, is the smallest among plastics. The addition of lubricant can reduce the abrasion, thus further improving the degree of wear resistance.

2, tensile strength and elongation: the tensile strength of TPU flexible tubing is 2-3 times that of natural rubber and synthetic rubber, polyester-type TPU tubing tensile strength > 60Mpa, elongation 410%, polyurethane medical tpu tubing tensile strength of 50Mpa, elongation 550%.

3, oil resistance: TPU oil resistance performance is superior to nitrile rubber, with excellent oil resistance life.

4, low temperature resistance, weather resistance, ozone resistance, TPU weather aging performance is better than natural rubber and other synthetic rubber, its ozone resistance, radiation resistance characteristics in the aerospace industry has special uses.

5, food and medical health: flexible tubing has biocompatibility and anti-coagulant properties, medical TPU is increasingly widely used. Such as blood vessels, ureter, infusion tubes. TPU does not contain enhancers, non-toxic and tasteless, widely used in the food industry.

6, hardness range: TPU hardness 10A-80D, in 15A below all have similar compression deformation characteristics. In the hardness of 85A or more still maintain elasticity, which is no other elastomer characteristics, so TPU has a high load support capacity and good suction and discharge effect;.

7, TPU hose is generally divided into polyester type TPU, polyether type TPU and poly several, polycaprolactone type TPU hose.

Polyester type flexible tubing performance characteristics.

Polyester type flexible tubing hose: has a high mechanical temperature, good wear resistance, oil resistance, fuel and solvent resistance, high temperature performance and excellent UV resistance and hydrolysis stability. Applications with the requirements listed above, the use of polyester-type TPU series hose is recommended.

Polyether type TPU hose performance characteristics.

Applications with low-temperature flexibility, good weather resistance, hydrolysis resistance and resistance to bacterial growth requirements, the use of polyether-type TPU series hose is recommended.

Polycaprolactone type flexible tubing hose performance characteristics.

Polycaprolactone type TPU tubing hose: that has the mechanical strength and high temperature performance of polyester type TPU, but also has the hydrolysis resistance and low temperature resistance of polyether type TPU, good resilience, suitable for special industry applications.