pebax 5533 sp01 and pebax 7233 sa01 med

What are the properties of medical PEBAX heat shrink tubing?

The high elasticity, high wear resistance, biocompatibility, and radiation sterilization of medical PEBAX heat shrink tubing.

Main features:

Small (inner diameter before heat shrinkage: 0.36mm), thin (wall thickness after heat shrinkage: 0.05mm)

The heat shrink ratio is 2:1 or 4:1, with a wide coverage range.

High elasticity, high tear strength, and high wear resistance

Biocompatible, radiation sterilized (gamma rays, electron beams)

Low longitudinal shrinkage rate (applicable to pipes with a shrinkage rate of 2:1, -15%)

Excellent surface finish and high adhesion to target materials

The key to the performance of Pebax heat shrink tubing is its unique strong adhesion. When it reaches its shrinkage temperature, it will be thermally bonded to the materials below, whether it is stainless steel or other metals or thermosetting plastics such as polyimide. This enables Pebax heat shrink tubing to replace commonly used reflow soldering sheaths. It also eliminates layering issues and the need for adhesives or connecting layers.

Designed for flexible conduit shafts containing PTFE lining, woven layer, and multiple Pebax layers. Now, a laser cut ocean wave tube and a Pebax heat shrink tube sheath can simplify this process.

The Pebax heat shrink tubing produced by aokeray is a key component for designing a new generation of flexible and thin interventional equipment, used for transportation and pathways in applications such as neurovascular, cardiac, and peripheral vascular surgeries.

The design of today’s intervention equipment is shifting from weaving shafts to laser cutting seawave tubes. Due to advances in cutting technology that have reduced costs, thinner and higher performing equipment can now be manufactured at a cost comparable to traditional methods.

Pebax heat shrink tubing plays an important role in this trend. This flexible and durable thin-walled heat shrink tube provides a unique and effective sheath solution for laser cutting of ocean wave tubes. The Pebax tube is retained on the device and integrated with the device, eliminating the tedious reflux process using traditional FEP heat shrink tubes.

Eliminating reflux processes can save time and reduce manufacturing yield losses. Purchasing fewer materials can simplify your supply chain and eliminate the need to purchase scarce materials using Pebax heat shrink tubing. Eliminating FEP can also reduce delivery time and environmental impact.

Unlike other heat shrink tubes, Pebax heat shrink tubes allow the substrate below to maintain flexibility. Pebax heat shrink tubing has an industry-leading thin wall that can maintain a lower equipment profile. Can provide wall thicknesses below 0.0250 mm (0.001 inches), with diameters ranging from 0.1778 mm (0.007 inches) to 6.35 mm (0.250 inches). The typical wall thickness of a sturdy sheath ranges from 0.025 mm to 0.075 mm (0.001 “to 0.003”).

The hardness of PEBAX heat shrink tube produced by aokeray ranges between 40D and 72D, providing multiple options for different flexibility needs. It also offers a variety of colors, including custom colors