custom ptfe tubing medical

PTFE tubing medical grade

As one of the largest extruders of PTFE in China, we make PTFE tubing to suit a broad spectrum of applications across a wide range of industries. Ptfe tubing size .pdf

Telfon tubing is also called PTFE tubing, which is of high quality imported plastic medical grade tube, and comply with FDA certification. They can be operated in the – 200 °C to + 200°C temperature range. They are elastic at low temperatures and have a low coefficient of friction. It makes a fantastic choice for an insulator despite having a high electric resistance due to its insulation. The substance is natural, non-toxic, and resistant to ultraviolet light. It is challenging to utilize glue on the material, resistance welding, unless the operation is carried out under high temperature and high.


  • Biocompatibility
  • Lowest friction coefficient of all polymers
  • Useful in high temperature applications
  • High resistance to common solvents and acids
  • Virtually unaffected by oxygen, O3 and UV light
  • Broad working temperature (-270C to 260C)
  • Excellent dielectric insulation properties
  • Secondary operations available upon request


  • We offer metric, imperial and AWG sizes, ranging from ID 0.1mm up to

OD 15mm. Special dimensions and custom lengths can be made upon request.

  • Catheter building
  • General fluid handling: chemical processing industry, laboratory, analytics & water purification (Oz)
  • Electrical applications: insulation,

Key Properties

• Lowest coefficient of friction of any polymer

• Chemical resistance (all common solvents, acids and bases) and inertness

• ETO and autoclave sterilizability

• Working temperature range -454°F(-270°C) to 500°F (260°C)

Additional Properties

• Biocompatibility-USP Class VI Certified

• Flame rating:UL 94 VO

• Limiting oxygen index- greater than 95

• Can be sterilized by ethylene oxide (ETO) and high pressure steam

• Excellent dielectric insulating properties

Aokeray Capabilities

• Etching capability for bonding

• Ultra-tight tolerance extrusions

• Extruded forms: Tubing, Special profiles, heat shrink, multi-lumen, mandrel.
PTFE extruded liners are one of Aokeray’s leading applications of polymer material with nominal wall thicknesses ranging from 0.005” down to 0.001” (0.127 mm to 0.025 mm), and tolerances  as low as ± 0.0005″ (0.0127 mm).

Aokeray has been providing PTFE tube in both domestic China and overseas market since 2018. Aokeray’s PTFE tube are the best option for a range of advanced catheter designs in the cardiovascular, peripheral, neurovascular, and other disciplines due to their industry-leading size, tight tolerances, and high- performance characteristics.

Aokeray’s strong production lines capability allows a expedited lead time as short as 4 weeks.

Medical grade ptfe tubing size .pdf