ptfe peelable tube

Ptfe peelable tube fep tearing tubing and tearing sheath

Sheath is the most commonly used tool in the hands of doctors.

A dilation and Ptfe peelable tube, in simple coordination, complete the establishment of the first gate of vascular pathway. Subsequently, various catheters and instruments are delivered to the affected area through sheaths left in the blood vessels.

In the transportation of certain special instruments, due to the associated accessories (such as wires), the sheath cannot be removed. At this time, it is necessary for the sheath to be able to tear open from the outside, while retracting and tearing, until it is completely removed. This type of sheath is called a tearing sheath.

The traditional sheath has several technical points:

Smooth sheath

As the first door for transportation, in order to facilitate the smooth and rapid advancement of the catheter/instrument, the smoothness of the sheath (inner wall), i.e. low friction coefficient, is crucial. This layer of “fluoroplastic” has become a rare good material, such as PTFE, FEP, etc. As one of the difficult to process materials, the appearance and other properties of fluoroplastic pipes have a great impact on the use of the product.

Cutting-edge processing

The treatment here includes two parts, one is the chamfering treatment of the Ptfe peelable tube, and the other is the forming of the tip of the expansion tube, which will directly affect the puncture fit of both. On the other hand, the tearing sheath on top of the secondary foundation also emphasizes the relevant process treatments, such as:


The “trace line” of tearing is pressed out in advance outside the sheath, which is such a simple pre-treatment line. The relevant process and tooling requirements are high, and the quality of the treatment will directly affect the tearing effect of the doctor’s operation.

Pipe seat

AOKERAY Ptfe peelable tube starts tearing through the wings on both sides of the tube seat, which means that the assembly of the tube seat and sheath (indentation) will be fine and precise, with one maintaining the symmetry of the bonding and the other having sufficient bonding strength with fluoroplastics. Like indentation, it is also a slow and meticulous step.

Of course, the design of “tearing” has various other uses and deformations, but overall, material processing, pipe treatment, bonding and other processes are key points.

The tear resistant sheath mentioned above is almost always designed with pure plastic (single layer), which is why the sheath should be designed with consideration for its flexibility and mechanical properties such as pushing, which are also pain points for doctors when using it. It is also through this pain point that in certain application fields, the “Tearable Reinforced Sheath (Three Layer)” has been introduced. The sheath itself is a multi-layer structure, which improves the performance of bending resistance, support, and push, and is combined with tearing, becoming an innovation.

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