Making process

Ingredients – Mixing-bake -Pressing material-Discharge-Extrusion- sintering-cool down–Traction–Outer diameter -tester-Detection-Cutting-an examination-Packaging and shipping .
more know ptfe extrusion process -teflon manufacturing process -catheter manufacturing process-extrusion process.

Custom Services

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According to your devices

Our Services –
An custom with shape ,size,thin wall,cuting, etching fast shiping….

MEDICAL PTFE TUBING FEP shrink TUBE Pebax PP PE TPU Value-added services: flaring & flanging, changes in diameter, spring tubing, cutting tubing, thermosetting/forming, seal port, etc. Metric – Imperial – AWG Extruded Tube ,thin wall tubes

PTFE tube FEP tube types

PTFE FEP extruded tubing heat shrinkable tubing

Extruded ptfe tubing PTFE special shape tubing, PTFE convoluted tubing, PTFE heat shrink tubing, PTFE monofilament etcs. PP Pebax extruded tubing ,PTFE/FEP heat shrink tubing etcs.

  • Ingredients - Mixing
    50 minutes
  • bake
    120 minutes
  • Pressing material
    80 minutes
  • Discharge
    30 minutes

Raw materials

Ingredients – Mixing-bake-Pressing material- Discharge. 4 links, supervised by the agent experts in the dust-free sealed room


Extrusion-sintering-Cool down-Traction,4 Links Operated in AOKERAY’s self-designed sealed cabin automation tube

  • Extrusion
    30 minutes
  • sintering
    15 minutes
  • cool down
    20 minutes
  • Traction
    20 minutes
  • Outer diameter tester Detection
    40 minutes
  • Cutting
    20 minutes
  • Again examination
    30 minutes
  • Packaging and shipping
    80 minutes

Check to Packing

extruded ptfe tubing Outer diameter tester -Detection-Cutting-an examination-Packaging and shipping .Professional instrument inspection and complete series operation in aseptic workshop