FEP heat shink tubing medical grade

FEP Heat Shrink tubing Medical grade

Aokeray has been one of the best FEP Heat Shrink tubing manufacturers and suppliers in China since 2009. As the only FDA approved manufacturer and ISO13485 certified FEP Heat Shrink tubing medical grade factory in China for over 13 years. 

Aokeray offers FEP Heat Shrink tubing medical grade with  heat shrink ratio of 1.3:1, 1.6:1, 1.7:1, 2:1 FEP HS tubing Exp ID 0.035″ up , Rec ID 0.59″ down ,wall thickness 0.001″ to 0.01″ Customize any thin-walled FEP hs tubing in these heat shrinkage ratio ranges. We can also provide customized PTFE tubing, PTFE etch liner and PEBAX tubing and PTFE Peelable Sheaths tubing service according to your requirements. Please contact us for more information or to request a complete product assortment 


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All you need to know about FEP Heat Shrink tubing medical grade

FEP full name Fluorinated ethylene propylene FEP FEP abbreviation, FEP crystalline melting point of 304 ℃, the density of 2.15g/CC . FEP can be applied to soft plastics, its tensile strength, wear resistance, creep resistance is lower than many engineering plastics . Teflon FEP heat shrink tubing has outstanding wear resistance, chemical resistance and high-temperature performance, especially for high-temperature performance of the occasion, used to connect the welding seam at the insulation protection and pressure lifting and covered components to distinguish the identification and corrosion-resistant .

This article discusses what makes FEP Heat Shrink medical tubing  . We will guide you through FEP Heat Shrink tubing market medical grade application specifications, various types, advantages and disadvantages, and what to consider when purchasing.

fep heat shrink tubing Exp wall
fep heat shrink tubing coat PEBAX

What are the uses of FEP heat shrink tubing medical grade?

FEP Medical Tubing Applications

  • Insulin delivery tubes
  • Intravenous catheters
  • Epidural catheters
  • Urology catheter lines
  • Vascular access dilators, sheaths, and introducers
  • FEP Heat Shrink, used in the FLASH Catheter

FEP HS tubing is useful in medical solutions because of the solubility and ductility of the FEP material, which allows for the production of various forms of fluoroplastic tubing, and the high transparency of FEP tubing, which allows for the observation of internal fluid transport. 

How does FEP HS tubing work ?

fep heat shrink tube medical grade, it is mainly used for interventional medical instruments. The larger the shrinkage ratio of FEP Heat Shrink tubing, the stronger the cladding effect. Currently, Aokeray produces FEP Heat Shrink tubing medical grade that is peelable and non-tearable, but we have specific tools that allow the FEP Heat Shrink tubing to be torn off directly. We also make custom PTFE Peelable -tearable Sheaths tubing on request.


Why choose FEP Heat Shrink tubing  ?

Teflon FEP heat shrinkable tube has outstanding smooth wear resistance, chemical resistance and high temperature performance, especially for high temperature corrosion resistance acid and alkali environment,fep shrink tube temperature  can work at -200 – 200 ℃, corrosion resistance only high temperature element fluorine, alkali metal and it plays a role, all other concentrated, dilute inorganic organic acids, alkalis, esters are not useful, so for human interventional surgical instruments medical tube is very suitable.

Purchasing and selecting FEP Heat Shrink tubing medical grade ?

Considerations when purchasing FEP heat shrink ratio, wall thickness before and after shrink, production lead time and problems encountered in use are some of the factors that interventional medical device engineers often consider to determine and adjust specifications immediately.

As with many tubing components, the larger the heat shrink ratio, when the FEP hs tubing rheology, the tighter it will be wrapped, there will be no air bubbles, inflammation after the patient surgery, etc.. So the general selection of shrink ratio is 1.6 : 1 is the most cost-effective, because the selection of 2 : 1 production difficulties, low yield and higher costs; if you choose 1.3 : 1, it is possible that the wrapping is not comprehensive, shrinkage can not be, will bring the sequelae of subsequent medicine.

 Aokeray has customized FEP Heat Shrink tubing medical grade for more than 500 customers in China and internationally with more than 1,000 specifications and products. Aokeray will provide you with proven solutions based on your experience in troubleshooting and solving sample assembly problems.

What is the difference between FEP heat-shrinkable tubing and PTFE heat-shrinkable tubing?

A temperature: FEP heat shrinkable tube temperature resistance of 200 degrees Celsius, heat shrinkage temperature in 90-150 degrees. PTFE heat shrinkable tube temperature resistance of 260 degrees, heat shrinkage temperature in 350 degrees or more.

A temperature: FEP heat shrinkable tube temperature resistance of 200 degrees Celsius, heat shrinkage temperature in 90-150 degrees. PTFE heat shrinkable tube temperature resistance of 260 degrees, heat shrinkage temperature in 350 degrees or more

Specifications: FEP heat shrink tubing,FEP;HS Exp ID 0.035” up , Rec ID 0.59″ down  ,wall thickness 0.001“ to 0.01

 PTFE heat shrink tubing,ID0.023” TO 0.04” wall thickness 0.00314” to 0.0082”.It  is clear that FEP heat shrink tubing spans a wide range 

Heat shrink ratio. Aokeray FEP heat shrink tubing is usually 1.6:1; 1.7:1; 1.3:1; 2:1 for medical grade and 1.7:1 for PTFE, as the market is more mature, aokeray 1.7:1; 4:1  。


What are FEP  heat shrinkage tubing ratio types?

1.3:1, 1.6:1, 1.7:1, 2.0:1, 1.6:1 is the most cost-effective for interventional medical devices.

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