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What are the FEP characteristics of polyfluoroethylene propylene (FEP)?

FEP TUBE properties FEP is a copolymer of tetrafluoroethylene and hexafluoropropylene. The content of hexafluoropropylene is about 15%, which is a modified material of polytetrafluoroethylene. Full name: fluorinated ethylene propylene copolymer (perfluoroethylene propylene copolymer), referred to as polyperfluoroethylene propylene, also abbreviated as F46.

PTFE heat shrink tubing

PTFE heat shrink medical tubing

Medical Grade PTFE Heat shrink tube Properties:


Pebax medical tubing

Pebax tubing ,Extrusion pebax medical tubes

Pebax tubing is an engineered high performance polyether block amide that allows medical device designers to push the boundaries on strength and flexibility。
Pebax has excellent processability due to consistent melt flow, a narrow processing temperature range across a wide modulus spectrum, and uniform molecular weight distribution (minimal gels), all of which contribute to the ability of Pebax® resin to be extruded in thin wall sections down to OD .007″TO OD0.8″ , ID 0.003″ TO ID0.8″ .

Medical Pebax tubing Custom extrusion of tubes can be realized according to customer requirements to meet your individual production.

Ø Single lumen tubes
Ø Multi-lumen tubes
Ø Micro-perforated tubes
Ø Thin-walled tubes
Ø Profiled tubes
Ø Braided tubes
Ø Graduated tubes
Ø Co-extruded tubes
Ø Parallel tubes
Ø Developer tubes
Ø Reinforced reinforced tubes


Medical Grade Teflon PTFE Tube

Medical Grade Teflon PTFE Tube High temperature resistant–working temperature to 250 celcius. High low temperature resistance–high mechanical toughness;even if the temperature drops to 196 ℃, also can keep 5% elongation. Corrosion resistance — to most chemicals and solvents, inert, acid alkali, water and a variety of organic solvents. Weather – to be the best in the plastic in aging life