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Explanation of main test indicators of PTFE products

Explanation of main test indicators of PTFE products .PTFE products are a special type of plastic that differs greatly from other plastics. According to the industry standard of the Ministry of Light Industry, the PTFE products produced must meet the requirements of the index. Below we list the definitions of the 13 main test indicators […]

Teflon PFA tube performance advantage

Teflon PFA tubes , PFA hoses have excellent chemical stability, mechanical properties, electrical insulation, self-lubricating properties, non-stick properties, non-flammability and aging resistance. Its outstanding feature is that the melt viscosity is much lower than that of PTFE, so it can be processed by ordinary thermoplastic forming methods. Its products have good high temperature stability, high […]

How select PTFE tube and FEP tube ?

How select PTFE tube and FEP tube  ptfe tubing suppliers ? Which one to choose for PTFE and FEP depends on the user’s needs. The commonly used color of PTFE is opalescent, followed by translucent and colored, and no transparency has been invented yet. While FEP replaces the drawbacks of PTFE, the commonly used color […]

PTFE TUBE Teflon thin wall Tiny capillary manufacturer supplier in china

ptfe thin wall tubing Teflon capillaries are made of polytetrafluoroethylene (known as Teflon, commonly known as Teflon, plastic king) materials, and then dried, high-temperature sintering, shaping and other special pipe. Because the tube is generally the size of a blood vessel, it is also known as Teflon capillaries. ptfe thin wall tubing Teflon capillaries are […]

PTFE tube on Semiconductor available ptfe

A semiconductor is a material whose electrical conductivity is between a conductor and an insulator at normal temperature. Semiconductors have a wide range of applications in radios, televisions, and temperature measurement. For example, a diode is a device fabricated using semiconductors.

Teflon tube PTFE tubing on The role of 3D printer Teflon tube

3D printers have a history of headaches that are easy to plug! Many people suspect that because the temperature of the pipe is too high, many manufacturers have now switched to the built-in Teflon pipe. The thermal conductivity of Teflon and stainless steel is low, which can effectively reduce the temperature of the pipe. Teflon […]